SS641:2019 Compliance Addendum

1. Base Building
a) Support scalability & modular lab planning
b) 8.2 kN/m² floor loading
c)) 4.95m height (floor to underside of beam
d) 5.6m height (floor to floor)
e) 12m x 12m column grid
f) 2 service lifts (3,100kg each) & 4 passenger lifts (24 pax each)
2. Supply & Exhaust Air
a) Fresh air intake louvres on building facade in each unit
b) Dedicated exhaust shaft for each unit (for fume discharge)
c) Dedicated pre-constructed roof plinth for each unit (for tenants duty / standby exhaust fan)
d) Chilled water tap-off point at each unit / floor
e) Air-conditioning condensate water collection system
f) Corridor with fresh air AHU to facilitate lab unit pressurization by tenants
3. Power
a) 204 W/m²
b) Optional stand-by power: pre-constructed roof plinth for tenants’ installation of power generators (subject to Landlord’s allocation)
4. Fire Protection
a) Infrastructure supporting SS641:2019 compliance by lab tenants
b) 2-hour fire compartment for each unit
c) OH3S sprinkler system supporting tenants’ work involving flammable materials
d) Fire collar pre-installed at floor traps in each unit
5. Trade Effluent Discharge
a) 70mm thick top layer floor screed to facilitate embedment of drainage pipes
b) Sampling ports to monitor trade effluent compliance (trade effluent treatment or dilution system installation by tenant)